1. if I was gonna have a superpower and I could pick it id probably pick the ability to make super straight lines when painting with gouache tbh


  2. just checking in w/ u peeps, how does it feel to be mortal?? I ascended long ago and have forgotten


  3. red-sequin-apples:


    cis ppl can have horns and swirls and spikes n shit surgically implanted under their skin any time they want if theyre rich enough but a trans woman wants boobs she has to wait at least 1-2 years for doctors to be convinced that she REALLY wants them


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  4. I wanna play a song for someone ahhh. im gonna record something for Jenna nobody tell her


  5. quincythepigboy:

    yeah but catch this buzz: no single person let the dogs out, they wrre let out by humanity as one collective consciousness man

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    if hell is on fire and shit all the time wouldn’t summoned demons be cold on earth and need to wear sweaters and stuff

    thats adorable

    little cutie demons having squirmy demon orgasms in cute hell sweaters uwy

    what the fuck is this post

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