1. like I had such a fuckin stressful day w/ my family today and Im supposed to work tomorrow at both of my jobs and I don’t wanna go to either. and my schedule for bath and body works isnt right im pretty sure bc they changed the floor set date and i have to fuckin call them tomorrow to figure out if im even supposed to be working or what. my god I want the world to stop for a minute I wanna get off


  2. I am stressing out so hard right now I wish I could make my brain turn off for like 5 minutes

  4. 1o14:

    vladimir putin by george w bush

    (via mattressblowoutsale)


  5. hi Julia thank u for calling me a princess :3 I hope u have a good day!!


  6. do me in the ass but also hold my hand??


  8. my blog is full of really cute girls today (im the cutest tho)